Volunteering at WLC

By Ashley  Downey

Typically, when people think of volunteering they think of something that is good but very time consuming or difficult. Volunteering doesn’t have to be difficult though and many WLC students are finding it to be fun instead. Whether you are volunteering for NHS or just helping out around the community volunteering is very important to the Walled Lake community.

Junior Kelsey Clark is a member of NHS and participated in volunteer work with the group. “The latest volunteering I have done was road clean up,” said Clark. “This was when we would go on the side of the road and clean up the trash that people had left there. It was fun to help make the community cleaner.”

Sophomore Leila Barnes also does volunteer work because she enjoys helping people. “I love helping out at homeless shelters,” said Barnes. “It’s really cool seeing the happiness that it brings people when you’re doing something good.”

Sophomore Alyssa Rester has also been doing volunteer work outside of school. Alyssa volunteers at the hospitality house and helps put food on shelves.” It feels really good to do something good for others during the holiday season,” said Rester.

Volunteer work is great and seeing that students at Central are doing and enjoying it is even better.