Hollywood changed to Hollyweed over New Years

By Kenzie T

On January 1st, LA and the rest of the country woke up to a new year and a new sign, one that read, “Hollyweed”.

“I think it’s pretty funny people got away with this and although it was changed back shortly after so many people were talking about it, there were pictures all over my Twitter timeline,” said senior Tobi Oyinkolade.

Celebrities tweeted about the sign as well.  Snoop Dogg tweeted a picture of the sign with the caption “My city. [W]elcome to #hollyweed”. Other stars also tweeted; like Steve-O who went to Twitter to post a selfie with the sign saying “I don’t know who did this to the Hollywood sign, but I’m quite impressed they got away with it.” Keegan Allen tweeted two pictures, one of the sign in 1976 and the other from New Years with the caption “1976 vs 2017 WHO WORE IT BETTER? #hollyweed”.

This is not the first time the Hollywood sign has been changed to say something else. In 1976 the sign was first changed to read “Hollyweed” as well. This time, the sign was quickly changed back later that day but pictures of the sign have blown up across the internet. People thought these pictures were edited but the sign changed was confirmed when celebrities started to tweet and post pictures with their commentary.