Business classes prepare for future careers with job shadowing

By Carina Mouradian 

This year, Walled Lake Central  business classes such as Financial Literacy and Marketing are assigning their students a task to shadow an employer’s job.

Stephanie Meyers, one of the Financial Lit teachers said, “I want them to get a good taste of the job and see what the day to day activities are so that they make sure they’re going into the right field before they waste a ton of money on something they won’t want to have as a career in their future.” She hopes that this assignment, which is worth one hundred points, will have a positive outcome on her students who are indecisive and need some guidance on their future career. She feels that it is important to know what a person’s reality can be when they are employed.  

Senior Camryn Burrows, who is taking Financial Literacy with Meyers said, “I think this project will have a positive outcome on high schoolers because it will encourage them and show them different ways to succeed in life. Also, it will teach them about people who are entrepreneurs and what they go through with having a career.”

Business classes prepare students for lives they will have after high school which helps lessen the likelihood of having to try something new. This assignment, is an example on how they hope to achieve that.