Finals approaching WLC

By Marcella Koza

With the semester coming to an end, this means that one of the most stressful times of the year is approaching for students. Finals.

For many students, the end of the semester means cramming all of the knowledge you learned in a whole semester into a few days. Because they are staying up late and storing as much information as they can to be prepared for all tests, many students’ stress and anxiety levels reach an all time high during January and many students have many different ways of preparing for midterms. “I prepare for midterms by going to my local library and get a cup of coffee and then I start studying,” said junior Elizabeth Shounia.

Some other students have others ways of preparing for midterms. These are the students who prepare ahead of time and start their studying starting during winter break. Instead of waiting until the week before midterms, they start studying about a month before so that they are not as stressed for any of their tests. Junior Christina Isbania said, “I like to start studying for finals about three weeks before midterms because I feel it less when they actually get closer.”

It is a good idea to visit NHS tutoring after school on Wednesdays to get some extra help with studying. Biology teacher Lisa Goff said, “Read the chapters, then notes, and make flashcards!”

This year’s midterms for WLC will be later than usual, on the third week of January (January 25, 26 and 27). Each day will be half days, so that students can have the whole afternoon to study for tests that are the day after.