Second semester calls for schedule changes for many

By Bianca B

Students completed their first semester of the 2016-2017 on January 27. For those students who enjoy change, they luckily get the opportunity to start the second semester with new classes and new teachers. This can be very exciting, considering these students get the chance to learn new lessons in a different setting.


Senior Amy Al-Abawi said, “The first semester of my senior year I had Acting 1 with Mrs. Rexroat. For second semester, I transitioned into Stagecraft with Mrs. Rexroat. I made this change because I am a part of the musical production that is coming up soon. I wanted a chance to work on the set and help Mrs. Rexroat and Mrs. Lenze with some musical things while in class.”


Junior Nicholas Onwenu made the move from one department to another as he looks to learn more about a potential career area.  “I switched from Weights with Mr. Savage to Introduction to Business with Ms. Meyers,” said Onwenu. “I’m happy to have Ms. Meyers because of how nice she is. I’m looking forward to learning more about business considering I am interested in owning my own business one day.”
Senior Marcel Kassab decided to make the change into a class with topics that he would find more interesting and relatable. “I went from Sociology with Mr. Sharpe to Practical Law with Mr. Jankowski because I’m interested in learning about it,” Kassab explained. “I want to know more about drugs and what they can do to you, as well as how you can be affected by the law.”