Many have to find new way to get around with I-75 closing

By Summer 

Motorists have been complaining about the conditions of I-75 because of massive potholes, broken bridges, falling concrete and these complaints were heard.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has decided to take a 17-mile stretch, stretching from Detroit to Downriver, and redo just about everything including new pavement, concrete, signs, and bridges. To repair everything that is needed, it will cost a total of around $165 million. The project will start on the morning of February 4 and is expected to last about two years.

The construction will benefit many people in a couple of years but as of now it will be a problem for some people to get to work or other places like downtown Detroit. For example, senior Lindsey Willis said “it’s a huge inconvenience.” However, senior Max Sharfman said, “I-75 is a great road, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.”

A couple of his friends agreed with him including junior Steven Szymanski who said “I don’t really use I-75 a lot, but I bet it’s going to look a lot better when it’s done.”

Overall, people are excited to see what the new I-75 will look like in a couple of years.