Mid Winter Break cut down to five day weekend

By Lexi S

Every year, it seems that we lose more and more days off while adding more days to the school calendar. This year, perception is reality.

State requirements forced the district to add five school days onto the year, resulting in a five day weekend instead of a full week off for Mid-winter break.

Though Walled Lake was one a few districts still giving a full week in February while other districts have only ever gotten a longer weekend rather than a full week off, many students are not happy.

“I have a feeling most people will vacation for a whole week anyway,” said senior Alissa Yenglin. “That’s what I am doing.”

“Most teachers are used to students being gone the days surrounding breaks,” sophomore Maria Teodoro said. “I am upset that we don’t have as many days this year, but I guess it’s better than extending the school year.”

Changes are usually rough the first year or couple of years, but as time goes on, people will get used to it.  And for some, like senior Josh Pascua, the concern is shortlived. “I’m just glad that this is my last year here and I only have to worry about it this year.”