Seniors start off semester with senior assembly

By Maddy G

On February 1, an assembly was held at the beginning of the half day for the senior class of 2017. The assembly was aimed at letting the seniors know of upcoming events such as volleyball marathon, spring break, mock elections, winter formal, prom, and the senior all-night party.

This year the volleyball marathon will be filled with new exciting things to do to help students stay awake and keep the kids from getting bored throughout the night. Senior and Executive Vice President Carley Stevenson said at the assembly, “This year we are thinking of using a magician or comedian instead of our usual hypnotist.”  By changing up the show, Student Council is hoping for more students participating and enjoying VBM.  Stevenson also went on to say that  “Student Council is working to add more activities and things to do when the teams aren’t playing volleyball.”

Spring break was another topic covered at the assembly. With this vacation right around the corner, Head of Counseling Dr. Maryjo Hecker and the Police Liaison Matt Legatt announced some helpful advice at the assembly about staying safe and the effects that come from making bad decisions. Hecker said, “Keeping a buddy with you during the time of spring break is a perfect way to stay safe and have someone to call when you need assistance with a situation.”

For seniors, mock elections are a big deal and something all look forward to voting on. At this assembly, the crowd was all giggles when choosing who should win all of the specific awards. Everyone who was in the auditorium is anxious to see who will win what. Some of the awards being given out include Best Hair, Best Personality, Class Clown, Most Likely to Be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and many more.

The next few events talked about were winter formal, prom, and senior all-night party. Basically, Senior Class President Parker Cole and Senior Vice President Lexi Bonwell reminded the seniors of due dates, times, and places of the events.  Cole reminded the seniors that “senior all-night party ticket prices continues to go up, so get your money and forms in as soon as possible.” Also they talked about the all around the world theme for prom, the different buffets that will be for dinner, and the casino games that will be available to play.
The main purpose of the assembly was to help the seniors get excited for their last high school semester and to find excitement in the last few things we get to do all together as a class.