Flu season taking its tole on students and staff

By Mallory B

As the seasons begin to change, the weather starts to get a little bit warm. Although the sun is shining more, viruses, bacteria, and infections are spreading. The flu is especially rampant which means everyone needs to wash their hands and keep hand sanitizer close.

The flu is going around and students find themselves suffering from the flu and missing school.  “A couple weeks ago, I caught the flu, I had to go to the doctor’s, and miss two days of school,” said senior Amy Al-Abawi. “My tip would be to use hand sanitizer to kill germs.”

Often, if one family member contracts the flu, the whole family ends up with the illness, it spreads very quickly. “My mom and little sister both got the flu last week, it was really terrible. They both had to take time off work and school,” senior Kayla Bally said. The flu also infiltrated sophomore Sarah Abrams’ family.  “My older brother got the flu, and I felt like I was going to get it. A lot of my friends also got the flu,” said Abrams. “My helpful tip would be to wash your hands often.”
So, be cautious of what you touch and who you’re with. The flu can last one to two weeks, and symptoms include: fever, fatigue, chills and a cough if you have these symptoms. Wash your hands, shower daily, and keep your hygiene.