Last thing to make you smile

By Lexi S

Just coming back from Mid-winter Break, students have lots of fun stories to share with their friends from the long weekend, including the many things that made them laugh.

Freshman Makayla Ray shared the last time she laughed until her mom almost peed her pants. “I was in the car with my mom and my friend and I asked my mom for the aux cord. Being the smarty she is, she handed me the entire aux cord. We thought it was so funny and we laughed so hard.”

Junior Haley Chinarian recalled the last time she laughed. “My dad almost ran into a lady while he was skateboarding.” She was even laughing as she recalled this memory.

Senior Louise Malmgren shared that she laughed while watching her friend, senior Jennifer Woo, play a game called Gardenscapes. “She was freaking out as she failed the level. Repeatedly,” said Malmgren.

Many students went crazy when Vice Principal Michael Fray fell while playing the staff vs. student dodgeball game at the winter pep assembly, laughed lightheartedly along with him. Senior Olivia Charette said that this was the last time she laughed, and she even captured it on video. When asked about his fall, Fray said, “There was a time in my life when I was athletic enough where that wouldn’t have happened but now I must be old and uncoordinated.”