College Acceptance Letters

By: Brooke Kirkpatrick

College applications have got to be one of the most nerve-wracking things a child in America’s education system faces. You’re sending in your grades for the past three years, your standardized test scores, letters of recommendation and your application itself. After doing this, you wait 3-9 weeks to hear back from each college to which you have applied.  If you get in congrats, but if not, it can be heartbreaking.

On the plus side, when you get your college acceptance letter it can be an uplifting feeling. “When I got my first acceptance letter back, it happened to be my first-choice college, North Carolina A & T State University,” said senior Taylor Coleman.  “It was such an amazing feeling knowing that all my hard work has finally started paying off.”

Grand Valley State University had the honor of accepting two WLC seniors: Kylie Garland and Taylor Williams. The school is a safety school for the both of them. “I was super excited knowing I got into GVSU, even though it isn’t my top choice,” said Garland. “I’m super glad to have such a good safety,”

“It may not have been in my top three, but I was super grateful being accepted and knowing that I have such a strong backup. I’ve always admired GVSU with how much school spirit they have and that’s what attracted me to the school in the first place,” said Williams with a smile.

Senior Maria Slaybach has been accepted into Eastern Michigan University. “I was so happy when I got my acceptance letter, even though I’m still undecided it’s really good knowing I have Eastern as an option,” said Slaybach.

Whether or not it’s on your academics or on your sports, some students are honored to be accepted into college based on scholarship. Senior Nick Freeman got accepted into University of Michigan Ann Arbor on a full ride scholarship for wrestling. “I’m overfilled with joy knowing that I got such an amazing opportunity for all the hard work I’ve done,” said Freeman.

Saginaw Valley State University accepted senior Jessica Kreuzer who’s gotten a scholarship for softball. “Saginaw is my top school not only because I have a scholarship, but also because after doing a campus visit I’ve realized how the community is such a family,” says Kreuzer.

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