Lions continue with their winning streak

By: Taylor Coleman

Coming out of the gate with a bang, the Lions started the season off strong by winning their first two games of the season. Sadly, their winning streak quickly took a turn for the worse as the Lions lost their last two games.

With the Lions approaching the 8th week of the season, many fans’ hopes have dwindled seeing as they are not favored to win their game on Sunday, October 29, 2017 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Currently, the Lions have a 3-3 record, while the Pittsburgh Steelers have a record of 5-2. I know the lions aren’t favored to win but they’re my home team so I’ll always root for them,” said Senior Lily Eagleton

Many fans hope the Lions’ luck will take a turn in their upcoming game. “The Lions have shown great improvement this season. Teams are actually training harder in preparation for facing the Lions,” said senior Clifford Benson.

Even with this hope, the Lions currently have eight players who are suffering from injuries. Among these players is Golden Tate, one of the Lion’s star players. Tate suffers from a recent shoulder injury and an AC joint injury from Week 6, which caused him limitations on Wednesday’s practice. There is worry that Tate’s injuries will prevent him from playing in Sunday’s game.

The Lions have ten more games left before the end of the season. Currently they are favored to win at least six of those games. Senior Steven Szymanski, an avid Lions fan, said, “I believe the Lions have a great chance of finishing the season with a winning record. Once our injured players recover from their injuries, I think we have a great chance of winning the majority of the remaining games.”

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