UGG Season

By: Taylor Williams

It’s UGG season again! Although there is no official start date for this highly anticipated time of year, it usually starts around the same time that Starbucks brings out the pumpkin spice lattes and the fall decorated cups.

Almost all teenage girls own more than one pair of UGGs or UGG-like boots. Senior Hannah Vickory happens to own four pairs in total. She says that “they’re warm and comfortable and I have no regrets in the dollars that I’ve spent.”

The Australian made boots can always be spotted on senior Andrea Vera around the school. She always sports her favorite pair of UGGs and completely agrees with Vickory that “the boots will keep your feet nice and toasty during those cold winter months.”

Freshman Reeya Mathur owns one pair less than Vickory, but loves the boots just as much. “I love all my UGGs,” Mathur said. “I have always bought at least one pair every year, and I think they’re amazingly comfortable and warm.”

Despite her love for the popular boots, Mathur still has some concerns about the high price tag.  She thinks that the price could be lowered, but that it’s not crazy high for the quality. Vickory and Vera somewhat agree, but the two seniors know that even if the price increases, that they’ll still buy the $200+ UGGs.

All three girls have absolutely no doubt that the sheepskin boots (which now come in waterproof!) will be around for many more years to come. Now the real question is: what color UGGs do I need to buy this year?


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