The most stressful time of the semester: Midterms

pasted image 0-3By: Erin Pratt

As winter break ends and the start of January begins, there is only one thing on everyone’s minds around Walled Lake Central: finals.

With all the recent snow and cold days, lessons have been cut short and teachers are trying to cram in as much information as possible before giving their final exams. Senior Matt Weintraub says he “cannot remember another time where we had this many snow days before the end of first semester.” He continued, “I get that the teachers are trying to make sure we know everything for the test, but it’s a lot to remember for every class.”

It’s worse for the freshmen because this is the first time they experience finals at a high school level. Freshman Justin Norgrove said, “I’m pretty nervous for finals, but I know I just have to study hard and I will do well.” Norgrove has an older brother who graduated from Central last year so he knows how hectic it gets around this time of year.

For some seniors, the pressure isn’t that unbearable. “I have already applied and gotten into the colleges I want, so I’m not as nervous for finals this year,” Senior Julia Mandilk admits. With a lot of seniors already knowing where they are going, it makes this time of year a lot less stressful than it has been in the past years.

Hopefully the teachers can get all their lessons taught and the students can remember it all before they are tested on it. Good luck to everyone at Walled Lake Central and we hope your finals go well!

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