Jumping into the snow season dance

By: Alyssa Rester

Winter formal, the one time a year that juniors and seniors from all three of Walled Lake high schools can come together to share a night out on the dance floor. Winter Formal 2018 will take place February 10 at the Royal Oak Farmers’ Market. Tickets will be $15 and will be sold during all school lunches in the weeks to follow.

The part of winter formal that everyone is looking forward to is the reuniting with old friends from past years of school. Students will get to party and dance with their old friends and make some amazing memories. Junior Angie Mayes said, “I have been looking forward to winter formal al year. It is the homecoming with all of my friends from Western that I never got, and I am so excited to share this memory with them after months of waiting.”  

Students have been planning and preparing for the formal as early as winter break. Students aren’t holding anything back as they prepare and countdown the days to the big dance. Senior Savannah Steffke said, “Last year, winter formal was a lot of fun. It was a night full of great memories with some of my childhood best friends. This year, I am hoping to go out with a bang and make some life long memories at my senior year winter formal.”

Some of the underclassmen are a little jealous that only the juniors and seniors get to go out and have a special dance with the other Walled Lake high schools and are ready for the day that they, too, can buy their ticket to to the party. Freshman Natalie Winarski said, “I have so many friends at Western from middle school, and I wish I could go and and have a mini homecoming with them like my sister does this year. I am definitely looking forward to junior year so I can go and dance the night away with them.”

Winter Formal is just under a month away, so look out and listen for the dances location to be announced and for the tickets to go on sale at lunch. Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to have an amazing, fun filled night.

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