Men’s Golf Looks Forward to Another Season

Camryn Payne

The men’s golf team hasn’t started their season yet, but players have begun to prepare for the team’s upcoming tryouts on Monday, March 11 and for the season ahead. On Thursday, March 7 a few players utilized Central’s golf room to improve their game. Players worked on their swing, tried out different wedge shots, and got advice from coaches.

Junior Mattea Spennachio, who has played on the golf team throughout his high school career so far, was one of the players working on his wedge skills. “Being consistent is one of the most important aspects of golf. It’s something that not only I can work on, but the rest of the team as well,” said Spennachio. Consistency is very important, but composure on the course is important as well. “I would say remembering not to get down in the dumps helps keep composure,” said Spennachio.

Some players have a routine when it comes to practice, but in golf working a routine may not always be the right thing for certain players. Sophomore Troy Williams, another returning member of the golf team, said “I don’t really have a practice routine. I just try to improve where I need it most first.” To work what you need most first is a good method, but there has to be enough self awareness to identify what needs the most attention. “I struggle with the driver so I’m trying to improve aim and the grip. Chipping and putting are also one of the most important things to improve on in general,” said Williams.

Coaching golf is a bit different, because unlike baseball or football, the coach doesn’t really see the player out on the course that much. This is due to players being paired up with different opponents in a groups of four and teeing off at different times. Golf coach Mark Willard has dealt with this for nine plus years as Central’s golf coach. “We want the players to have enough self awareness to stay composed on a bad shot and what could have been fixed,” said Willard. Before going out on the course can be an opportune time to give players any last minute advice. “I always remind them about their swing keys, which are no more than three things to remember when you are actually getting ready to swing. Also to let go of a bad shot,” said Willard.

Even though the team roster isn’t set yet the team’s fifty-eighth season at Edgewood Country Club will soon begin after tryouts on Monday.

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